Your guide to web development

With the evolution of the Internet, the websites have also undergone evolution. Almost everything we are doing now on World Wide Web using a web browser, heavily relies on websites.

Whether it its banking, a day-to-day general business or a large corporation, virtually every business has deploys websites. They make their presence available to a wide group of people around the globe and nationwide. It may not be a surprise to the generation born in the age of the modern technology but it was a big deal back to the time when the Internet was still evolving.

Certainly, you can just use the technology available today. Yet, you can also learn how to create it and get money for it. This article will guide you around this industry.

How can one get started with Web development?

If you happen to know about web development a couple of things or you have just dipped your toe in it and would like to learn about the development of a website, it is a right place to start.

So, there are more than just few ways to learn web development. There are also a great variety of places worth being mentioned where one can learn web development and many of these places will allow you to study absolutely free of charge.

The very first thing would be an Internet search for sources to learn web development. Some of the best examples of free educational services worth checking are such options as Freecodecamp, w3school and of course countless channels on Youtube.

In addition to it, you can search for respective courses on various platforms offering professional courses hosted by widely recognised and respected universities. Some of the examples of such platforms are Udemy or Bootcamp. Yet, if you are willing to study at such places and also earn a certificate for your achievements, you should be ready to spend some money on your education since these services are not free.

What are the necessary parts of web development education?

Let’s now take a quick look at what is required to learn web development. The very first thing you should understand is that having any degree related to Computer Science is not required for becoming a web developer. Unlike some people still believe, you also do not have to be a mathematician. It is important though to have a sheer will and dedication.

Web development requires some equipment though. This includes a text editor for writing your code, a midrange or even a low range computer and of course, access to the Internet.

This along with will power is enough to step right in. Next thing to know is some programming basics to get started.

The basics of programming you should know

A general website is comprised of two sides and you will hear a lot of this terminology during your journey in web development.

There are front-end developers and back-end developers. The first group of developers build websites or applications which are more client-oriented. Client-oriented is a term showing how the website is presented to a user of a web browser. This includes markup, styling and front-end programming language such as JavaScript. Back-end-developers build websites based on server side programming. A server is a place where a website lives and where it is served from.

You will also come across such a term as a full-stack developer. Full-stack developers deal with both front-end and back-end websites or web apps.

Crucial components of a website

A website is comprised of HTML which used for markup. In all likelihood, learning HTML will be a place to start for you if you are interested in front-end development. Then comes CSS which is used for styling

JavaScript is the major programming language applied for both front and backend development of websites and web apps. SQL is deployed for database management whereas PHP is used strictly for server side programming.

There are more than just these components but they are  suffice to get started and make some big money building fun projects on the way.