Installation of a new monitor

So you have spent some time picking up the right monitor for you? Great! Monitor is one of the most essential components of your computer. There is nothing much to do without a monitor.

Yet, getting your first monitor and plugging it is not enough to get your monitor all good to go. The very first thing is if you have the right connection type to your video card, you are good to install the monitor. The most challenging is the installation of the video card though.

Video card installation

You need to look for three things when you are physically installing a video card. They are long cards, proximity of the nearest expansion card and the presence of the power connectors. There are high-end video cards which simply won’t fit in some cases or could block access to some much needed motherboard connectors like the SATA sockets.

This is hard to point at one fix for all here. You simply might have to change at least one of the following component, your video card, motherboard or case. Also note that, high-end video card runs super hot and you certainly should not plan to set them adjacent to another card. You need to make sure the fan on the video card has enough ventilation space. One of the good industry practice suggested by tech giants, is to keep the slot next to the video card empty to have better airflow going in and out.


There are lot of high-end video cards which come in with double-wide cards along with a built-in air vents. In such cases, you won’t even have any choice to use the next slot anyways and to take up the whole double space. For the mid-range to high-end video cards they typically require minimum one additional PCIe power connector because they use way more power than the PCIe slot can supply.

Also, make sure that your power supply can supply enough power for your card or cards and also must check that your power supply has open PCIe power connectors.

Assuming you already have your video card set and connected and plugged in the monitor, you are already halfway done. Now you need to deal with the drivers and make some adjustments to your system. The first thing at this point you need to take care of is the software.