The things you should know about the Internet

Internet is the term we are all so familiar with. Certainly, the majority of us sees it as one of the  general words used to communicate with each other on a daily basis. Yet, many people will have really hard time trying to define what exactly it is and how all of the things work behind the scene.

Whether you are a geek or not, if you have a general interest to know things behind the things, you can regard yourself as a geek. Anyway, you are standing out from the rest of the Internet users who do not know how the technology works and even though relying on it heavily in everyday life, not being interested in the way it is functioning.

Who is supplying you with the Internet?

When the Internet saw the light of earth and human life for the first time, it was one of the most revolutionary steps in the history of mankind. From general sound of turning on the modem and hearing random noises confirming the connection to the world of web which is an abbreviation of the World Wide Web (WWW) to a click of the modern button which connects people to this vast world silently tells us a lot about the changes mankind have seen in this crucial technology over the years.

Typically, the Internet is provided by an Internet Service Provider or ISP in short who gives you a chance to use the Internet traffic. Still, this job is not limited to the service providers. Now, you can get access to the Internet with the help of your mobile operator company or by a mini internet modem that connects to the Internet with a conventional medium, the one which was designed with a view to making direct connection to the satellites floating around our earth.

What makes the Internet available on your device?

Regardless of a chosen option, once an internet service is purchased, things roll on. Yet, it is still not clear, how the line or bandwidth of internet can possibly work on your devices.

This is where a modem comes into play. A modem is a device available in a variety of shapes and forms based on users’ selection. These days, you can find fashionable top-notch modems according to your preferences. An internet line coming to your home or office is available as the purest form of signal. This signal is an analogue signal.

Your computer devices do not directly understand this type of communication. If you put this line directly to your computer, there might be serious consequences for your machine. This can easily damage your personal computer. Even if it does not happen, the device will certainly get the greatest shock of its entire lifespan with blobs of pure signal which it simply does not understand.

In order to avoid such situations, a modem is absolutely needed for working with the Internet. It will convert this purest form of electricity into a digital signal. The digital signal is something your computer will certainly understand. This is why you will always find some form of a modem there wherever there is access to the Internet available.

The purpose of the router

Next typical thing you would see is a router which comes along with a modem. You might be wondering  what a router is and what it does, especially since there is already a modem.

As the name suggest, a router routes the signal to various devices located in your home, office or home-office. This can be achieved with via a bunch of Ethernet cables running out from the router into any other device that needs Internet connection. Routers came with the invention of Wi-Fi.

If you are trying to understand the full form of Wi-Fi, don’t bother too much as the term does not really stand for anything other than Wireless Fidelity.

If you are curious about the way in which Wi-Fi connects or communicates with your device, you should know it is using the means of radio waves in our atmospheres. Nowadays, it still impresses a great number of geeks how wonderful human innovation is and how well laid out the process of Internet connection is.

These are the basic building blocks of the Internet you should know to understand the way the technology is operating behind the scene. With this knowledge, you are now ahead of the fellas who do not know the way in which the Internet is actually working.