Synthesiser emulators – Arturia

Arturia has been one of the leading software developers, who made a lot of dreams of musicians come true by realising software synthesisers on the market. The most noticeable work of this French connoisseur is they have re-animated all of the classic synthesisers launching them in a software version.

Arturia is the name that resonates in the almost every producers studio and their ultimate creation. What could be the reason behind this? Why does Arturia stand out from the rest that had already been in the industry or still in the industry?

What is Arturia?

Arturia is software and hardware manufacturer company from France. Since their first footsteps into the world of music industry, these guys has been grooving the house, stage and set the whole dance floor on fire. What is so unique about Arturia’s production is there initiative to manufacture the software version of all those lost or expensive iconic synthesisers that resonated throughout the history and are still sought by musicians.

Typically, these hardware synthesisers although are classic and heavily sought, they are highly expensive. With Arturia’s steps to manufacture software synths based on those classic series spread the flames of creative hopes among the fellow music producers who dreamed of playing around with those classic synthesisers.

What makes Arturia’s products different from the rest of the software is the fact they have developed the whole synthesisers based on their original circuit models converting them into algorithms and they made the sound as close as possible to the original ones.

This is pretty apparent in almost every manual book you will get from each of these synth, where they show how an Arturia’s synthesiser of that model’s sound resembles the original signals very close. They made it pretty clear via two oscilloscopic comparison.

Arturia collection V

Arturia released these classic synthesisers in a pack , name ‘Arturia collection V’. The very first Arturia V collection was embraced with open arms by the whole producer and musician community. The very first Arturia V collection contained the legendary synthesisers like The Moog Modular, Minimoog model D, Prophet V, Arp 2600, Roland Jupiter 8 and Yamaha CS80.

With these, it was worth the money and they sound really incredible! In the latter subsequent version of this collection, they began adding more of the classic synthesisers on top of the old ones.

2017 package – Buchla Easel

One of the most noticeable synth that was added is the iconic Buchla Easel in 2017 pack. This was something so outstanding because Buchla, despite its contribution to the whole electronic music community and being considered to be one of the pioneers of Modular synthesis, along with Bob Moog of Moog Modular, gained little fame than the rest of synthesisers. Buchla is an underrated synthesiser manufacturer, yet so powerful and leaves it users in awe!

The newest Arturia’s package

Arturia has an unique approach to offer these synths inside a collection pack that is sold by now in 2022 around  $599 worth of all those classic synths. This collection packs contain 24 synths with additional synths or upgrades added with each release of these collections. One of the biggest break through collection they offered was collection V 7.

With the 24 synthesisers, they added 3 more synthesisers from those classic sensations. CZ V, based on the 80s Casio CZ, Mellotron V, based on the classic Mellotron and Synthi V based on the mysterious synthesiser there ever to come, EMS Synthi AKS.