Popular mistakes made by people made while texting through messengers

Texting through messengers is an important part of interpersonal communication today. Just as some standards for writing emails have evolved with time, the same is true for the usage of messengers for communication. It might be that you will not find a particular set of standards for such communication, yet, you can certainly come across popular mistakes made by people who are trying to speak through messengers. This article will point them out so that you yourself will not repeat them.

Lack of grammar writing

Certainly, it is normal that people can miss some letters while trying to write a text quickly. The same can happen to commas. Yet, it is important to understand that such things should not be treated as a norm as it can not only make a sentence look weird, it can just become incomprehensible. It does not matter whether you are chatting with your friend or you are involved into a serious conversation with your potential business partner, you should make your messages readable.

Not starting a conversation from its major topic

There are some rules of politeness true for the live conversation. It is normal for people to greet each other and ask about each other’s lives no matter whether it really bothers them or not just for the sake of politeness. Still, it does not work like this in written speech when we cannot see another person.

Getting questions about our personal life which are then not commented in any way since the person actually had other thing to tell us, is not necessarily pleasant, especially if this person knows us well and such questions about our personal life might make us write large messages in reply.

Replying with a very short message to a long text

This mistake is partially connected to the previous point. Some people prefer sending rather short answers to long and deep messages and quite frequently the respond is as simple as “ok”.

Just imagine how it can make feel another person who has spent a lot of time and energy to create a message with a deep sense and the reply he or she gets is not just super simple, it is also incomprehensible.

Making a person wait for a long message and send a small message

It is important to remember that most of the messengers will show another person that you are typing. If you are in the middle of a conversation, it is quite possible this person is waiting for your reply and seeing you typing he or she is still waiting. Then, if you send something rather short after a prolonged time of typing, it can be rather disappointing.

Reading a message and leaving it without a reply

Of course, not all of the messages require a reply and sometimes a conversation ends naturally when one of the people finally leaves a message without a reply. Yet, there are situations in which one is better to leave any reply in order not to make another person get anxious about it.

Not allowing a person to reply to the first message

Some people tend to overwhelm others with the amount of questions they are sending with texts not letting another one reply properly to each of them. As a result, it is rather difficult to have a sensible conversation with such a person and he or she will not understand your replies in the first place.

For that reason in case you are asking someone about something, it is necessary to let this person reply to the question and only then ask a new one.

Sending audio messages regardless of a situation

There are people who are really crazy about sending audio messages. Sometimes it can be helpful indeed since it is easier to share a way more information within a short time while recording an audio message and not to spend too much time and energy on texting. Yet, in some situations it just leads to the creation of long audio messages without any particular sense.

Some people will just keep on sending recordings even when they know another person is busy right now and in all likelihood does not have an opportunity to listen to such messages.