Do not do these things with your smartphone to prolong its work

You can imagine how many practices and recommendations for the usage of smartphone there are in the world. Some of them are absolutely sensible, whereas others used to be useful with the previous generation of smartphones but will not only not work the way you want them today, but they can actually turn out to be dangerous for your device. In addition to it, there is also a huge number of various practices which have never been sensible and should not be used by any means.

This article will tell you more about them so that you will be able to prolong the life of your smartphone or at least not shorten it without any apparent reason.

Do not install any optimisation apps on your smartphone

The very first thing many owners of a new smartphone are doing is installing various types of optimisers which are supposed to make the work and energy consumption of a device better. There is a huge variety of such apps available in the official App Store as well as Google Play and some of the most popular ones are certainly cleaning apps, optimisers themselves and antivirus apps.

There is a popular myth surrounding such apps as they seem to be very helpful, however, in the reality, there is no real purpose of using them. In fact, the maximum level of optimisation one can get is already available through the standard apps you have on your phone and there is no way of optimising the smartphone even more. At the same time, such apps are consuming a large amount of energy making it impossible to optimise anything since the battery of your device as well as its system resources will be drained even more.

When it comes to antivirus programmes, there is no particular purpose in them unless you are using root permissions on your device or installing the apps offered by some other platforms rather than App Store and Google Play. In such a case, an antivirus programme will be highly useful for your device. Otherwise, this will again end up in overconsumption of the resources of your phone.

Do not install the apps offered on suspicious websites

You can easily come across a possibility of downloading and installing apps on various websites and sometimes they are glowing with some serious texts about your smartphone badly needing these apps. This is exactly what your smartphone do not need and you should not install such apps at all. In addition to it, you should make sure you are not using a permission for installation of apps offered by unknown sources.

Do not make your phone fully uncharged

Probably, you are one of the people who are still using the approach to smartphones based on the technology of battery memory which was available with previous generations of smartphones. In their case, it was essential to keep a battery fully uncharged and charge it fully with every charging cycle in order to keep the capacity of this element high as long as possible.

It is crucial to understand this is not working like that anymore and modern devices have a different type of batteries which does not have any such memory. In addition to it, modern smartphones can be driven to a state of inactivity by making them lose all of their energy. If this happens, you will not be able to turn on your phone and a regular charging procedure will not allow your device to get any charge.

It is highly recommended to keep the level of charge in your phone above 20% which is a typical level of charge at which the majority of modern smartphones will give you a warning.

Do not dry your smartphone up with rice

Rice has a great ability to absorb water which can be utilised in many ways. needless to say, some inventive users started applying this material to their smartphones in order to dry them up in case of getting the smartphones wet. Even though a method such as putting a smartphone in a bowl of rice might seem useful, it is better not rely on it.

First of all, there are many hidden species and cavities in your phone which can still keep water and the rice will simply not reach them. Certainly, if you will use exclusively the rice method for drying the gadget up, it will certainly not be enough and your phone might be severely damaged if it is still wet and you are turning it on. In addition to it, once the rice itself gets wet it will not be so hard anymore. It will gradually turn into rice porridge which can get into the places of your phone where you certainly do not want this food to be.

For these reasons, it is better to address the problem with the water inside your phone in a different way.